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300ml Epson Head Cleaner Kit - Power Blast Strong Cleaner, Unblocks Printer Nozzles

300ml Epson Head Cleaner Kit - Power Blast Strong Cleaner, Unblocks Printer Nozzles

Epson Inkjet Printer Cleaning Kit.  Restores print quality to suitable inkjet printers when self-cleaning can't. 98% success rate
The Kit contains:
Written Instructions
1 x 300ml Bottle of Cleaning Fluid (Sufficient for approx 60 cleans) 
2 x Protective Gloves
1 x Premium Silicone Tube & Syringe
2 x Strips of Blotting Paper (Paper Towel can be used)
Ensure you can run the nozzle check and self clean facilities of your printer first. Printer must be clear of all error messages before use, including "Clean Printer Head"

Most Epson Printers have a permanent print head. It does not matter whether you use Original Epson or compatible inks. At some stage in your printer’s life the nozzles will get blocked. No matter how many cleaning cycles you do.

Surprisingly nozzles can become blocked in a two month old printer. This happened with our Epson XP-422 Printer that was still on Epson original starter cartridges when the head became blocked because we had only used the printer a couple of times.

If you use Original Epson ink or compatible, then at some point you will get blocked nozzles and no matter how many cleaning cycles you do. The problem will not go away.

Sometimes head cleans can make the problem worse. Performing one or two head cleans should be enough you should never perform more than three in a row. Each time you clean the printer uses ink!

These tips will help stop your printer’s nozzles from drying out.

Never run more than three cleaning cycles. If your printer is not printing correctly after this, you will need to manually clean the print heads.

It’s a good idea to use the printer once a week. This will stop the ink from drying out in the nozzles.

You can turn your printer off and on again. The Printer will do a small cleaning cycle. This uses less ink than using the printer menu.

Compatible with all Epson inkjet printers - Except the following:
Epson PX 7xx and 8xx printers, Epson Artisan 7xx and 8xx printers, A3 Printers & Large format printers. Epson printers where the print head is fed by tubes
Printers using Pigment (Archival Ink)