Refilling Instructions for Colour HP 302 & 302XL Cartridges

Colour 302 & 302XL Refill Instructions

Please first read the following "Introduction to the Refill Tool"

introduction to the Refill Tool

We sell 3 different Refill Clips - But they all work the same way


Left - This tool appears in the slideshow instructions. The black attachment is fitted in the tool and the colour is in front.

Middle - This is the New Premium Upright Tool.  The black attachment is fitted in the tool and the colour is in front.

Right - This is the New Premium Flat Tool. The black attachment is fitted in the tool and the colour is in front.



This picture show you how the 3 tools work the same way in the stages when you need to fit the syringe to the tool. If you are unsure how the cartridge fits into the flat tool - please view this picture


To refill the HP Colour 302 & 302 XL cartridges you may also need, a cutter knife (Stanley Knife) if you are unsure if your cartridge is a starter Cartridge that came with the printer or a cartridge you have bought separately.

Remove the cartridge from your printer and place it on the table in front of you.

HP 302, 302 XL removing the label

(If you know where the correct colour fill holes are you don’t need to remove the label in the next stage and can go to the Priming Tool stage)

Otherwise carefully remove the label on the upper side of the cartridge with the cutter knife (picture 1). The label can be reused after refilling.

Now the filler openings are visible. When refilling HP302 and HP 302 XL cartridges, you must distinguish between cartridges that you bought separately and starter cartridges which came with the printer. This refill guide is only for refilling cartridges bought separately.

If you are not sure were to fill in the ink you can take the cocktail stick provided in the kit and gently insert it into the respective chamber. When you pull it out you can see which colour is inside that chamber. Don’t use the same end of the cocktail stick twice.

Now place the cartridge in the Priming Tool and take the large syringe (no needle) and insert it into the bottom of the Tool like the picture below. 


Now pull out the syringe plunger so that old ink comes from the print head. Do not use this old ink and dispose of carefully.

Refilling HP Colour 302 & 302 XL cartridges

The recommended amounts of ink when refilling colour 302 cartridges is 2ml per colour and for the 302XL cartridge 3ml per colour. Don’t overfill.

Put the needle onto the syringe. Draw the recommended amount of ink into the syringe.

Insert the filled syringe with the correct amount of ink into the cartridge refill hole. You will notice a slight resistance due to the sponge inside the chamber. Insert the needle no further than 3cm. Otherwise, you will stab into the filter screen and the ink will leak from the cartridge.

Now carefully & slowing fill in the ink. If ink leaks from the filler opening, draw a little back into the syringe. One colour chamber is now filled. Repeat the procedure with the two other chambers. Once you have filled all three chambers.

Now take the large syringe (no needle) and attach it to the base of the priming tool as shown below. Now pull out a small amount of ink. This action will bring the ink to the print head and help clean the nozzles.


Test to see you have refilled cartridge correctly

Now take the cartridge and dab it gently and hold down on to kitchen towel for a few seconds. If you have refilled the cartridge correctly you will see the 3 colours on the Kitchen Towel

All Filled and Remanufactured HP cartridges will not display ink levels and you should keep an eye on the print quality

After reinserting the refilled cartridge, your printer will most likely show an error message saying that the cartridge is empty. You can ignore the message and your printer will continue printing, but the filling level display will no longer work because your printer knows the cartridge has been refilled.