Refillable Ink Cartridges

Everything you need to know about Refillable Ink Cartridges.

What are Refillable Cartridges?
A refillable cartridge is a highly durable replica of an original manufacturer’s cartridge. Unlike an original or compatible single use cartridge, it is capable of being refilled from bulk ink bottles numerous times.

How do they work?
Ink is injected directly into the cartridge to top up its ink chamber. Like in an original or compatible cartridge this ink is used by the printer until the cartridge registers as empty. At this point the cartridge is removed, but instead of being disposed of it is refilled and placed back into the printer. The printer recognises the special chip on the refillable cartridge as full and will continue printing, saving you from having to buy a new ink cartridge.

Saving Money & Going Green?
Simply purchasing a refillable cartridge starter pack can save you over £400 in a short space of time. Epson 18 Ink Cartridges fit a large range of Epson XP series printers: Each cartridge holds on average 3.3ml of ink.

An OEM Epson T1802 cyan cartridge costs £9.95. This works out as £3.02 per millilitre of ink. An alternative compatible T1802 cyan cartridge costs £2.50, making a millilitre of ink 76p.

100ml ink refill bottle costs £3.73. Thus making a millilitre of ink an amazing 3.8p. It’s not rocket science to work out the savings to be made.

We will now workout the savings to be made from buying our complete 18 Refillable Ink Cartridge Refill pack containing everything required.

The 400ml of ink included in the Ink Shop Refillable Pack would cost £1206 in Epson made cartridges, £304 if you bought compatibles not made by Epson and Just £29.50 when you buy Ink Shop’s starter pack!!

Not only are you saving money by buying ink, you are also saving the environment. For every bottle of ink purchased you are saving many used cartridges from going into landfill sites.

Save Money Without Compromising on Quality
Our inks are developed to match OEM inks in quality and longevity. This means you will get the same colours and life from your prints that you would were you using originals.

I’ve heard Some Ink Cartridges can block up your print head?
All Printers that use liquid inks are susceptible to ink blockages if not used for long periods of time; whether using OEM, compatible cartridges or refillable cartridges.

Ink Shop recommends you use your printer at least once a week to keep the printheads moist with fresh ink. The longer they sit unused, the more likely the ink left on the heads will dry and cause a clog.

If you can follow that simple rule you will never have a problem with blockages.

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