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Instructions for Canon 570/571 Refillable Ink Cartridges

 The cartridges have ARC chips which reset automatically, when an 'empty' cartridge is removed from printer and installed back in (with power ON).

The reset technology is built into the cartridge chip and does it all itself. 

Important Please retain the orange clips as you will need them each time you refill the cartridges.

You must not mix these refillable ink cartridges with any other cartridges. The filling of the cartridges is quite simple

 We recommend you use a set of dedicated Canon refill inks.

 Make sure you remove all the yellow pull tags

 On the refillable cartridge’s upper side there is the fill port for the refill ink. Opposite to the fill port on the bottom side the ink port is located.

 Make sure that the cartridge is sitting in the orange clip when filling the cartridge with ink. So you avoid any ink from dripping out of the ink port.

Also on the bottom side of each refillable cartridge there is an auto reset chip. Like the original cartridges, Canon PGI-570 and CLI-571 the ink level related messages and warnings are created by the cartridge’s chip.

The chip on the refillable has auto reset functionality. That means after receiving the warning message "ink depleted or cartridge empty" 

However if the message is just a "low warning" you must keep printing till the cartridge runs out

You can set back the ink level for that cartridge back to full by taking the cartridge out of your printer and installing it back again after making sure that there is sufficient ink inside the cartridge.

We recommend the following amounts of ink.The thick, black cartridge (PGI-570) takes up to 20 ml black, pigmented refill ink. However please continue to read this section before you start refilling.

The thin cartridges (CLI-571) are suitable for 10 ml refill ink.

Take that quantity of refill ink into a syringe and open the fill port on the cartridge. The rear ink tank does not take in the full quantity of 10 ml, so it is necessary to fill in the 10ml step by step. Slowly & Gently

To start with only fill 5 ml of the 10 ml into the rear tank and then wait for a while. The sponge in the main ink chamber will soak in the ink from the rear tank. But this requires some time. To speed that process, it helps to open the airport on the cartridge. Therefore, remove the yellow tape if you have not already done so.

When the ink from the rear tank is absorbed by the sponge You can add the remaining ink from the syringe into refillable cartridge using the fill port.

As this process takes some time we recommend to fill the whole kit of refillable cartridges at the same time, When waiting for a cartridge to soak the ink into the sponge You can work on another cartridge

Complete the filling and install the refillable cartridges into printer

When the full amount of refill ink is in the respective refillable cartridge You can close the fill port again using the previously removed silicon plug.

Open the ink port by slowly taking off the orange cap. We recommend doing this above a piece of paper towel etc., In case any drops of ink leak from the ink port.

Make sure that airport on each refillable cartridge is open.

Now You can install the refillable cartridges into Your printer. It does not matter in which order You place the cartridges into their respective positions inside the print head compartment. The cartridges click in position with a hearable sound and when the positioning is right and a contact has been made the cartridge’s LED starts shining red.

Your printer is ready again for printing. It may take 1 or 2 pages to establish a proper flow of ink again.