How to Reset Canon Ink Cartridges with Printhead and Cancel Error Message

CANON CARTRIDGES 512 513 540 540XL 541 541XL 545 545XL 546 546XL

Once you have refilled the cartridge the printer will display a message telling you the cartridges are empty or have run out of ink. (You know this not true).

You must press and hold the printers resume button for 5 seconds to continue printing. (Usually the resume button is a red/black with a red triangle)

This message will appear once each time a refilled cartridge is installed in your printer. So if you install both Black & Colour cartridges you will have to repeat for the 2nd cartridge

Please Note: With refilled or remanufactured cartridges the printer will always display low or almost empty warnings. In the case of printers without display the colour and black lights will show yellow.


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