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Canon Technical Support

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INSTALLING CANON PG510/511/512/513/540/541/545/546 + XL VERSIONS

A message may be displayed telling you the cartridges are empty or have run out. "You know that this is not true as the cartridge is full to max capacity". Fortunately there is an easy way to fix the issue.

You must press and hold the printers resume/stop button* for 15 seconds to continue printing

A message will display low or almost empty warnings. The new cartridge is 100% FULL and such warnings should be ignored (Canon are trying to put you off saving money) and you should continue printing as normal.

Please note this message will appear once for each compatible cartridge installed. So if you install both the black & colour cartridges you will have to repeat for the 2nd cartridge.

* Resume/stop button will tell the printer to continue and printing should now carry on as usual. Your printer may still display low or empty ink levels after this process. But you should carry on printing as normal regardless.

Compatible cartridges contain more ink than cartridges from Canon and the print quality is the same or better.