Printing Your Own Passport Photos at Home or Office

July 19, 2018 2 min read

Printing Your Own Passport Photos at Home or Office

Passport style photographs (4.5cm x 3.5cm Photos) are important in every day life. From gym membership and ID cards to applying for festival tickets, many of us rely on passport style photos to prove our identity every day.

Printing passport style photos

Printing passport style photos at home or office is fairly easy, you will, however, need to buy certain items and most importantly be aware of the rules and regulations that may apply to whatever it is that you are printing a photograph for.


It is important that the passport style photos that you print look professional or they are likely not be accepted.

Before you begin the process of printing out your passport style photos, you are going to need the following:

  • A good quality inkjet printer and ink
  • Good quality white photograph paper
  • A digital camera that is compatible with your printer
  • A suitable space for taking the photographs

Taking passport style photos

You need to be careful when taking the photos because there is a huge list of regulations that can govern what is and is not an acceptable photo.

You should not encounter too many issues if the photos are needed for a gym card or something that is not accepted as an official form of identification.

UK Passport Rules can be found here:

For more official identification documents, the list of regulations differ subtly from case to case, but the essential requirements are that:

  • The subject is shown with a neutral expression.
  • The full head and shoulders of the subject are shown facing directly towards the camera
  • The picture is in colour and clear in focus.
  • The picture is the right size (see below)
  • The subject is pictured in front of a plain white, cream or grey background
  • The photo is printed on photograph paper

Preparing the photo for printing

Not many printers have an passport size photo setting - that will allow you to print the photographs to the right specifications without the need for a computer.

If you do not own one of these printer models, you are going to have to format the picture in the following ways:

  • You will need to make the picture the right size (45mm x 35mm)
  • Multiply the image so that there are 4 identical versions

This can be done using Photoshop or by using a free online programme such as

Printing your passport style photos

Once you have formatted your photos correctly you are ready to print them out. As mentioned above, it is crucial that you have plain quality white photography paper.

It is also important that your printer has a good dpi (dots per inch) ratio of over 600 to ensure that the right amount of detail is captured in the print.

After the photos are printed you should measure them with a ruler to make sure they are the right size. Then it is just a case of carefully cutting them into individual snaps and you have just finished printing your passport style photos.

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