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How to fix cartridge not recognised messages

How to fix cartridge not recognised messages To put you off using compatible inks Epson, Canon & Brother commonly get a “Not Recognised Error”. Follow this troubleshooting guide to find what's causing the error, and getting you back up printing without the hassle. A: Check The Three quick checks There are three quick checks that account for nearly all 'Not Recognised' errors. They may seem trivial but check them just in case: Are you using the correct cartridges for your printer? The wrong ink will return an error. Check the cartridge numbers ignoring prefix letters/numbers as these are used by compatible manufacturers...

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Beware of Epson "Firmware Update" Message

Beware of the Epson “Firmware Update” Message – If you want to continue saving lots of money with Compatible Inks DON’T CLICK OK - To get rid of message click “CLOSE”

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HP Automatic Updates — How to Disable

How to Disable HP Auto Updates Many new HP printers may receive a firmware update (either installed automatically or manually installed by customer) which may lock-out the cartridge’s smart chip and prevent printing.  Often when this occurs the error message “Cartridge Error: cartridge missing or damaged”, “Cartridge Problem”, “Missing or Damaged” or similar language will be displayed when using refilled ink cartridges that have a replacement chip installed*.   It's always a good idea to disable either the ‘Auto Update‘, ‘Update Printer‘ or ‘HP Update‘ feature moving forward to help prevent future chip lock-outs when using refilled ink cartridges. Inkjet411 provide full instructions here

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New Printer?

Here at Ink Shop we have always used Canon Printers in the Office and here are two of our favorites which are currently available from CANON PIXMA MG3050 Enjoy easy wireless printing direct from your smart devices with the Canon PIXMA MG3050 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer. Top features: - High-quality printing with cost-effective ink cartridges - Wireless connectivity with app and WiFi printing High-quality printingPrint from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or camera with Canon's PIXMA MG3050 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer, which is ideal for printing, scanning and copying wirelessly.Cut down the costs of printing using the high-capacity Canon XL ink cartridges, so that you can save...

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Poor Quality Prints

Poor quality prints can have several possible causes. We need to eliminate the possible causes one at a time before going to the expense of replacing an ink cartridge. We recommend that the first step is to perform a test print, to see exactly where the problem might be. It may be ink coverage or the alignment of the print? The alignment problem is easily noticeable as the text may be slanted or distorted. The other problem that you may encounter is poor quality print with bits missing or gaps appearing in the text or image. Printing a test print will help...

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