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HP 953 & 903 chips not recognising or error messages etc..

All OEM 903 and 953 inks are programmed with a bunch of electronic serial numbers on them.....printers that take 903 and 953 cartridges have a system of registering and remembering those serial numbers. If a printer detects a serial number from a compatible cartridge that its seen before it will initially reject the cartridge. This doesn’t happen with oems as there are hundreds of serial numbers on each cartridge, so it will never happen that you get two with the same serial no. The compatibles however can only have a few serial numbers on each chip batch that's produced.... 5...

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25% Discount Code for purchases of Compatible Inks.

25% Discount Code for purchases of Compatible Inks We value our customers and as a thank you for shopping with us please use discount code ink740 for 25% Discount on your first order. You simply enter the code at the checkout and 25% is discounted off all Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges in your shopping cart.  Please note discount code can only be used online at the time of your online purchase. Discount code is for Compatible Inks only and cannot be used for buying Remanufactured inks. For further Discounts - If you tick the box at checkout under your email address  "Please tick box to...

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