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How to Change Your Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet printers on the market today have on-screen alerts that let you know when the ink levels of the cartridge are running low. However, if you have an older inkjet printer, you might not receive any warning! If you attempt to print and it appears streaky or notice the page is blank, more than likely your inkjet cartridge is out of ink.

One very important thing to remember when replacing an inkjet cartridge is do not remove the old cartridge until you are ready to insert the new cartridge.

Step by Step Instructions to Changing the Inkjet Cartridge

1. Never remove the old cartridge until you are ready to insert the new inkjet cartridge.

2. Start by opening the top of your printer; once opening the top of your printer, most printers will provide you with access to the inkjet cartridge.

3. After you have access to the inkjet cartridges, turn your printer off.

4. Next either lift or turn the latch that holds the inkjet cartridge in place.

5. Remove the used inkjet cartridge and consider recycling it.

6. Load the new inkjet cartridge and close the latch that keeps it in place.

7. Turn the printer back on and close the lid.

8. If the printer does not work after you have changed the cartridge, in all likelihood it means that the inkjet cartridge is not securely in place.

9. Just start from step one and try again.

10. You are now ready to print!

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